• Summer maintenance tips

    Summer is here, time for barbeques, gardening, camping and bikeriding. It is also the time to do some basic maintenance around your home. These are fairly simple tasks that can help extend the overall life of your home and its components. * Trees and shrubs – trim back from walls and roofs to prevent damage caused by branches rubbing against the building and to reduce the risk of pests getting into the home.
  • Just bought a House? Post Possession Inspection


    PRE-LIST INSPECTIONS…..A GROWING TREND Why would I get a PRE-LIST INSPECTION?Great question. The typical pre-sale inspection benefits only the buyer while the pre-list inspection benefits the seller, the buyer and the realtors. Here are some of those benefits:
  • Spring Tips

    The sun is shining, the snow is melting. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid problems with water in your basement.1- Seal any cracks/openings in your foundation. Call in a specialist if required.