• I would recommend you to friends & family as a 10!
    Our home inspection was very efficient, professional & our inspector was very knowledgeable. Everything was explained very well, especially where there were problems in the house & the potential consequences of not repairing.  Our inspector was very patient & that was really appreciated.



    In June 2024, I obtained services from R&R Home inspections. I found the experience to be excellent. Mr. Smith is very personable and professional. His willingness to explain the process and details regarding home inspections was gratefully appreciated. 


    Mr. Smith was very timely, upon contacting him for his service his response time was almost immediate. Whereas upon completion of the home inspection, Mr. Smith provided and extensive detailed report explaining the concerns and possible remedy’s the residence possessed, which were greatly appreciated. I also found the price range to be very reasonable for his service and expertise. 


    My experience with. R&R Home inspection was 10/10. And I would advise anyone who needs a home inspection to contact R&R home inspection.




    I couldn't have asked for better service. Very efficient and to the point. I felt at ease, and left there feeling very comfortable. Also, you were very friendly and polite.



    I give you a 10. Very friendly and polite, you were very thorough in your work, when ask a question you would give an honest answer. 



    I would rate 10 and definitely recommend your services to my friends and family.

    You were knowledgeable, very thorough, took the time to explain and answer questions through great communication.

    The inspection was a great experience as a client; the report is complete and well structured.

    Thank you,



    Rick was very thorough and willing to answer any questions that came up during and after the home inspection. Being a new potential home owner and not particularly handy, he patiently explained concepts I didn’t know (Ie. The basics of how electric panels are wired together). The house also had a very small crawl space which Rick got right down on his hands and knees and crawled around to all corners of, to take pictures and make notes. 

    I would absolutely recommend Rick to family and friends. 



    I found you to be very professional, reliable and thorough.

    You spent a great deal of time on each area that you assessed and gave me knowlegeable and realistic feedback that I trusted, as well as felt comfortable with.

    I'd also like to mention that you were an excellent communicator,  ensuring everything was clear. I was also impressed by your quick responses to all of my questions and correspondence.

    In short, I'd recommend you highly.



    I recently had the pleasure of using R&R Home Inspections for a home inspection and I am completely satisfied with Rick's service. From start to finish, the experience was exceptional and I recommend them to anyone in need of a home inspection.  The final inspection report was easy to read with photographs and detailed descriptions. Thank you again for the amazing service,

    Nancy Lodge

    Excellent service. Good communication. Detailed inspection report. Highly recommend. Five stars. 
    Overall I’d rate your service a 10 and found you to be knowledgeable, prompt, and willing to answer any and all questions during and after the inspection. Good service and friendly. I suppose that sums it up. One point to make is I would have benefited from a moisture reading especially down in the basement. But you went the extra mile and I appreciated it
    Our inspector was very professional. He did the inspection very carefully and offered a very detailed report in a timely manner. His service was just great and interactions were very pleasant.

    Rick provides fast and friendly service, it is obvious that Rick is passionate about what he does and really has the “buyer’s” best interest at heart.  Rick was willing to to listen to my renovation ideas, provide suggestions and is willing to provide names of local contractors now or whenever I need one.  It truly felt like I made a friend and not just hired a home inspector.




    I would definitively recommend your outstanding work to everybody that I know 10/10 

    You took my call on a very short notice, you fit me in in your very busy schedule. 

    I did not have to wait to get a call back from you. 

    This is not my first rodeo, so I can tell right away that you are a very dedicated, knowledgeable,  meticulous technician. 

    The report you send me was very nicely done, very easy to understand.



    I would recommend your services as you were very thorough and friendly. We are first time homebuyers and it was very helpful to us, we also appreciated that you walked us through each area of the home and pointed out any items of note. One of my favourite things was that your report included a guide as to what kinds of things need regular maintenance and how often, this is extremely useful to new and experienced homeowners alike.



    Hi Rick,

    We’d definitely rate you a 10 out of 10! I’ve left you a Google review as that’s how we found you. Thank you very much again, your inspection really helped but our minds at ease with the house!



    I would rate it a 10 for refering your services to.other people. You did a very thorough job in my eyes and made me feel at ease with your information provided by your work.

    Again thank you

    S. C.


    I would give you a 9.5 rating for recommendation. In my opinion, Rick is polite, professional, and very helpful at explaining issues and ways to fix them. He does a thorough job doing the inspection. I would highly recommend Rick. 



    Thank you for performing the home inspection on our potential purchase. You were thorough and knowledgeable and your inspection revealed some water issues that made us reconsider the potential purchase. Your assessments were impartial, but at the same time gave us an idea of what had to be done and potential expenses. You also provided a timeline for the urgency of repairs and what would need to be done in the future.

    You provided us with excellent photos to identify issues, and you had equipment that identified in real numbers issues of concern (water concentration in walls).

    The written report summarized your findings and was well presented for us to understand.

    In addition to the inspection itself, you were accommodating for timing and provided prompt service, both for the actual inspection and providing the written report. 

    I would rate your service a 10 out of 10. I will be using you again very shortly as our house hunt continues.



    I would give you a 10/10 for your services. You went in places were many wouldn't and was able to give me a very detailed report of your findings. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspector.



    Rick accommodated my house inspection on very short notice. He was thorough, professional, and efficient. I appreciated that he offered to explain things he found throughout the inspection. His report was super comprehensive and I was able to easily share it with my contractor, etc. I've gone back and read through different sections a few times and he included lots of extra helpful reference info. I'd recommend Rick for sure.



    The inspection that Rick performed was professional and detailed. As a perspective buyer I felt comfortable moving forward with making an offer to purchase the commercial property bases on the report. I will use your services again, and also refer you to family and friends.



    Rick is a true professional. He was very easy to work with, showed up on time and prepared. He does a thorough job and is very knowledgeable. He was willing to answer all my questions and provide additional advice. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone who is looking for their next home inspection!



    10! We would recommend you to all our family, friends, and co-workers!!!

    "Rick was amazing! He was professional and thorough. As first time home buyers, this is exactly what we needed. He went above and beyond, and explained each issue to us in detail as well as the potential risks. I couldn't recommend him enough!!"



    I first would like to thank you for responding quickly to our call for an evaluation; and your availability for a short turnaround time frame. 

    Both Marsha and I agree that your are professional  and informative. We appreciate the opportunity to learn about home inspection/maintenance. Your attention to details such as electrics is clear, easy to understand, and has a reference at the end of the report. This appendix offers chapters on the various home systems. Terrific resource and I felt the money was well spent for peace of mind. 

    I would recommend you to others for sure. 

    I also appreciate that you can offer suggestions for tradespeople in the neighborhood.



    Hey Rick! Thanks again for your great service. Definitely a 10. Making an appointment with Rick was quick and convenient. He was very helpful and the final report was very descriptive and organized.



    10 from  me! Will highly recommend and leave a Google review ASAP saying you met every expectation, were instrumental piece of our negatations, high value to us re prioritizing needs vs wants, etc.



    10 service was amazing. You responded in a timely manner. Your work report was very thorough. 



    The property in question was a four plex in a lower end area of Cornwall, which was in less than desirable shape. As a seasoned investor who has been through a multitude of inspections, I know what a detailed inspection consists of. You definitely went the went the extra distance for this engagement.

    The property had three separate basements one of which was only accessible by a three by two foot access panel in the floor. I didn’t think anyone could even fit but you made the effort and inspected the space, even cutting yourself on the way out.


    All areas of the house were inspected and at the conclusion of the inspection you took the time to go through the property again and identify all of the issues and concerns.  You even noted concerns by level of attention required etc.


    Your report was detailed and thorough.  I ultimately forwarded the report to the vendor and obtain a sizable abatelement which more then payed for the inspections several times over.


    I would definitely retain your services again.





    On a scale from 0-10, I’ll give you 10 and here is my review


    Rick was reactive to get an appointment with and it was easy to contact him. He arrived on time (even earlier than scheduled and that was perfect). He checked all the différent parts of the house and explained to me each time what he saw, what should be done/repaired. He was of good advise and gave me simple tips for the windows for example. (how to take them away to clean them and then put them back in place). Rick is a very nice person and with good manners.

    I received the report on the same day with the things to consider ASAP, immediate, and so on that gave me an idea on planning repairs that will have to be done on a time scale.

    I really want to thank Rick for his professionalism, kindness and availability. I recommend Rick for your home inspection.



    9 out of 10 (and that's just because a 10 is impossible)! 

    This is my second inspection with Rick and once again he did a fantastic job. Rick really took his time to really do a thorough job finding not only the immediate issues but also finding all the little things I definitely would have overlooked. I also love that I can access not only the inspection report (forever) but also access Rick for advice on what was found during the inspection.

    I would recommend Rick for sure!




    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rick and his services to ANYONE.  Although I don't have any previous inspections to compare this to, I was very happy to have Rick be my first experience. He was readily available and incredibly detailed while explaining things in a way my partner and I could easily understand. We were lucky to have an inspection condition in this crazy market, but even without the condition, I'd advise new home owners to get one done as this has given us so much to plan for and consider, as well as having a great record of the details of our home at time of purchase. He arrived on-time and never created any tension between us and the sellers while always making sure he had our best interest in mind. Very tactful. It's clear that I would never purchase a home without an inspection after having this experience. Thanks again Rick!




    House inspection service was  a 10 out of 10.
    Rick was very knowledgeable, professional and even called me back the next day to see if I had any further questions.
    Would definitely recommend.
    Julie Cholette



    I will recommend you company to my family or friend at  100 /100

    I  strongly apreciate all you did to  help me with the home

    Thank you for your time

    Your advice and everything you did

    Continue the good job



    10! I was very grateful for how easy it was to work with R&R Home Inspections. Rick is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I appreciated the final report which showed attention to detail. Rick walked me through each step of the report and answered all questions. I would highly recommend R&R Home Inspections for everyone looking for fast, effective and friendly service, particularly during these Covid times.



    Thanks for the thorough examination of my little property. I love how detailed the inspection report is (as a new landlord I want to ensure my tenant is well taken care of). The fact that I have access to the report and that Rick is willing to help me with my ongoing questions is amazing. Even during these whacky times, with lockdowns and COVID restrictions Rick was able to get into the property and provide me with sound purchasing advice. 

    The follow-up discussion with Rick helped me determine what was essential and what could hold.

    Basically the home inspection was the final step for me in my purchasing decision and Rick did an outstanding job for me.



    Would like to take the time to thank Rick at R&R Home Inspections for doing a great job with our inspection, and helping us better understand what we needed to look for in our new house. Rick quickly fit us in his schedule and got the job done right and well detailed. I would highly recommend R&R Home Inspections to anyone looking to get their home inspected!




    We liked that we received the report in a timely manner and that a scheduled call to answer all of our questions was done at our covenience. We also like the honesty of your answers.



    Thanks Rick for the thorough inspection for my Mother and Father-in Laws new home. Great service and thanks for the extremely quick response especially in the situation due to the tight closing deadlines. Ron and Linda are very grateful and the current owners fixed many of the issues. Best of Luck!



    I was very pleased to get the inspection report completed in detail with pictures and suggested repair/replace timelines. I am confident that I have the information I need to make my house purchase decision with the knowledge I need. I appreciate the links you provided for additional information pertaining to the house inspection. I am also pleased to know that you have made yourself available in the future for any additional questions or concerns. Thank you again.



    10 will highly recommend to friends and family.

    Rick is very thorough and very informative. He is respectful of the property and had every tool ready for a quick and efficient inspection. The report was ready that same evening with every detail layed out in an easy to understand format. My wife and I can now prioritize renovations to keep our house safe and well maintained to mitigate future risks.



    Thank you so much for the inspection! Your services were timely and impeccable. We would not have been able to close on time had it not been for you going above and beyond to fit us in. Thank you for being so thorough. We really appreciate your attention to detail, especially as new home buyers. Give your service a 10/10. 

    Lindsay Thibault


    Hey Rick on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give you a 10, the report was very thorough and money well spent, took the time to explain onsite and even called that night to follow up.  Money well spent and would defintly reccomend you to others.



    10/10 Would highly recommend R&R Home Inspections as well as Rick himself. He’s very thorough and informative. Always very good to explain each item found within the inspections as well as the report and follow ups are very professional. I’ve used this inspection company many times and I highly recommend them. 



    I would like to thank you for your services. You've been very thorough and very professional. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say it's a definite 10! I would definitely recommend you to others and use your services again. Thanks again Rick! 



    The report was prompt and very informative. I would certainly recommend Rick.



  • I was very satisfied with your inspection. I would rate it 10 and anyone I know looking for an inspection I would recommend you.


  • Inspection was very thorough, fast and efficient. I liked that the inspection was broken down into 3 segments, (outside, basement, upper level) which made it easier for a newbie like myself to mentally adjust to the information given and gave me time to take notes.