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    With R&R Home Inspections (Rick Smith), you are choosing a professional who will provide you with a high-quality home inspection service anywhere in the Cornwall/SD&G area. I take great pride in doing a thorough job and going beyond the clients’ expectations. I am a member of OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors) and CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors).

    The home inspection experience is inclusive. I encourage you to join along during the inspection and to ask questions as we go. Having you present during the inspection also gives a perfect opportunity to provide you with tips on home care and maintenance. For instance, you can learn how to change the furnace filter, turn off the water, gas, and electricity in case of an emergency.

    A home inspection is valuable, but unless the experience is well-documented, most people won’t remember all the important details. That’s why I provide a comprehensive written report with digital photos to serve as your guide for as long as you own the home. It not only describes the house components and their condition, but it also provides insight into what improvements will be necessary, and when. Even with a site walkthrough, the information provided to you in the report can be overwhelming. It's difficult to remember all the different items that were discussed. That is why I offer a phone consultation with you after you have received the report to do a full review of the report and answer any questions that you may have.

    This report can also help you to set up a home maintenance program to take care of one of the most significant investments most people make. My goal is to ensure that you can live safely, comfortably, and efficiently in your new home.

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